Defly io


Capture territory by marking its borders, defend it from enemies and destroy their watchtowers in Defly io. Upgrade your helicopter to be faster, more powerful and better defended. Patrol the perimeter and shoot down anyone approaching your borders. Can you establish dominance over the map and take the first place on the leader boards?

This title may seem reminiscent of many other .io games but on closer inspection it becomes clear that there are substantial differences. Every Defly io game starts with a basic helicopter that you can use to build defense towers indicating and protecting your territory by pressing Space. The next tower you build will automatically connect to the previous one. As soon as you return to the original tower closing the shape, your first chunk of territory will be painted into your unique color and added to your overall score. Control the helicopter with the arrow keys or W, A, S and D, aim and shoot by moving the mouse and clicking the left mouse button.

You are free to explore different Defly io online modes including the classic free for all, team vs team and Defuse where one team is supposed to defend the planted bombs while the opposing side tries to disarm them. No matter which mode you are playing you will be given an option of upgrading your helicopter after getting enough experience. You can choose to upgrade your own speed, the speed and range of your bullets, the structural reliability and defenses of your towers.

Because of this game’s simple graphics and gameplay mechanics it can be played on any device with an internet connection without having to download an installer and store the files on your drive. If you are interested in play it in your favorite browser and experience some of the most intense online battles for territory that .io games have to offer.

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